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Regional Brands

Taking your regional brand

to a higher level...

Our Strategy


   Regional Brands is a publicly traded holding company seeking to acquire substantial ownership in regional companies with strong brand recognition, stable revenues and profitability. The management team believes that for years the public markets have given premium valuations to large branded companies due to their strategic advantages and customer loyalty. However, we believe a number of privately held, smaller companies have similar brand characteristics but within smaller geographic markets. We believe a public company with a roster of such regionally branded companies as investments may receive a similar premium valuation in the marketplace.

Our Approach


   We are flexible in our approach to how we work with our partner companies. For strong management teams with an interest in continuing to run their business, we can provide capital for cash out transactions as well as for growth, while continuing to allow them to manage the business without intrusion. For management teams/owner-operators looking to retire, we can assist in the transition process by identifying and recruiting new management while providing cash for the management team to retire comfortably while staying engaged as a board member or advisor.

Our Preferred Transactions


Types of Transactions:

  • Full Buyout

  • Majority Buyout with Management/Family Rollover*

  • Minority Growth Investment

  • Minority (Secondary Share) Purchase


*Preferred Transaction


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